4 Ways to Save $100 This Week

Does this sound familiar? Each month you set a goal to save a small part of your income, only to realize at month’s conclusion that there is nothing left to save.

Where does this go? After paying for necessities like a house payment, utilities and food, the majority of us manage to fritter away money on snacks, small luxuries and inefficient use of resources.

The good thing is that if you are able to determine these small leaks in your finances, you can quickly save a bit of money.

  1. Maintain the shift
    In the close of the week, count the coins to see how you did. Depending on how much money you invest, you might accomplish your target by following this one simple tactic.
  2. Reduce transportation costs
    Download a mobile app like GasBuddy to locate the best gasoline prices in your area. It is also possible to try carpooling with co-workers or utilizing public transportation for weekly.
  3. Avoid restaurants and coffee shops for 1 week
    Brew your coffee to start the day, and decline colleagues’ invitations to eat lunch at restaurants this week. Pack your lunch instead, and encourage co-workers to join you at the park or plaza.
  4. Jump pricey amusement
    Instead, find free entertainment at local community events. There is also the library, which is packed with books and DVDs that you could borrow for free.

Written by Trevor Davis

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